Fabric controlling

The quality of work in progress is maintained by experienced quality controllers

at the different stages of production.

Lastly, the final inspection is conducted by independent auditors

to validate the quality of each consignment.

Shrinking tests

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High quality tailoring

TEXPRO has been working for wellknown

denim brands for 35 years now.


Due to our sophisticated production

process, we can handle different order

sizes with consistently high quality.

This requires above-average quality

awareness in all departments and at every

step of production.

Quality Assurance

Every piece of a garment goes through different
levels of processing and checking to ensure the
quality and accuracy of the product.

Strict checks in each production and preproduction
process ensure the supreme quality
of TEXPRO products.

Pre-production inspection of all raw materials is
done to eliminiate any inferior quality from the
beginning of the production process.

The quality of work in progress is maintained by
experienced quality controllers at the different
stages of production.

Lastly, the final inspection is conducted by
independent auditors to validate the quality of
each consignment.

Testing Lab

A high-end, sustainable laundry lab ensures that

the latest trends can be implemented.