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Creative Lab

•Creative team that combine between technical skills and creativity, for continuous research and collectionning

  • In this creative lab you can go through all the below steps and working on collaboration with all the team.

  • Process :  Style definition - Fabric Selection - Pattern handover - Sewing – Washing - Finishing


Sewing Departement

  • High added value Sewing Lines

Our Sewing units are able to produce classic jeans, fashion jeans, chinos, cargo shorts, trousers, skirts, etc. at a very high level of consistency and quality with zero defect.

cuting room.jpg

Texpro Corp has  an automatic Fabric Cutting line:

  • Best quality

  • Performance

  • and durability

The first Tunisian

company that

includes such

automatic spreading-cutting line.

Cutting Departement

  • Equipment with multiple options including a meter counter, lighting above and below the fabric to identify all stains and defects meticulously before cutting the fabric.

  • Sustainable laundry

  We’re always looking for improvements when it comes to sustainability and quality.

   For this reason we are always investing in new machines and materials.

​​ TEXPRO Corp invested in a completely new sustainable laundry due to the increasing demands from consumers and a conscious sense of responsibility towards our planet.

70 % of the required water is recycled and used for production again.

We installed an aquarium to prove the efficiency of this process where fishes can live in a recycled water.

Up to 90% of water is saved by the process.

The facilities are well equipped with technologically advanced washing machines.

A lot of water is needed in the dyeing and finishing process. To reduce the use of water, power and chemicals, make use of laser washing techniques.

It increases the fabric strength by 50% and the workplace efficiency by 500%

The Ozone technique can be used to replace finishing process.

When using the Ozone technique, water, power and chemical savings are huge.

Washing and deying   Departement

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